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Model VKFD28B Braided Flexible Sprinkler Drops (LPCB Approved)

Viking Flexible Sprinkler Drops are a complete assembly intended for installation into commercial suspended ceilings with medium to heavy support tee bars as described in ASTM C635 and C636, or drywall type ceilings. The hose assembly includes a 28 mm diameter flexible steel hose with outer stainless steel braiding for additional strength. The hose assembly includes an inlet nipple 1”/DN25 or 1-1/4”/DN32 BSPT for attachment to the sprinkler system branch piping and a special outlet reducer fitting with straight or 90° angle for attachment of a ½”/15mm or ¾”/20mm sprinkler. Also included is a support bar and brackets, which secure the complete flex sprinkler drop assembly to the suspended or drywall ceiling.

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