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HELIOS® Aspirating Smoke Detector

The HELIOS® AMX5000 aspirating smoke detector is a highly sensitive, active, latest-generation smoke detection system. Capable of identifying even the smallest smouldering fire and can be used almost everywhere. Applications include high-bay warehouses, distribution centers, IT centers, clean rooms, telecommunications, false ceilings, double floors, CNC controllers, and server rooms. After installation, the pipe system is largely invisible, making HELIOS well suited for aesthetically demanding architecture as well as institutional protection.


HELIOS® Features:

  • FM Approved, VdS Approved
  • Adjustable sensitivity from 0.006 - 3.15% / ft
  • Permitted voltage range: 10.5 - 30 V DC
  • Operating environment temperature: -22° - 120°F (-30° - +49° C)
  • Protection Class IEC529: IP 54 (attained without limitations)
  • Casing Measurements: 15.63 x 10.43 x 5.75 in (l x w x h, with insertions)
  • Suction Pressure: > 400 Pa (power level 5)
  • Suction Noise: 43 dBA (fan level 3, standard), 32 dBA (fan level 1)
  • Meets ISO 11690-1: Directive for low-noise workplaces containing machinery

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